University Transcript for Bryan Niel Barranti

Bachelor of Arts Degree (SFU) and Bachelor of Education Degree (UBC)

SFU / UBC Transferred From
Douglas College
Course Title

Business Courses:

  ACCT 110 Principles of Accounting 1
BUS 000 BUSN 200 Fundamentals of Business
CMPT 001 CISY 110 Introduction to Computers
ECON 101 ECON 101 The Canadian Economy

Earth Sciences and Geography Courses (Geography Major):

ARCH 101 ANTH 112 Introduction to Archaeology
EASC 102 GEOL 121 History of the Earth
GEOG 100 GEOG 100 Introduction to Human Geography
GEOG 111 GEOG 110 Weather and Climate
GEOG 112 GEOG 120 Introduction to Earth Sciences
GEOG 213 GEOG 220 Geomorphology
GEOG 221 GEOG 212 Economic Geography
GEOG 241 GEOG 213 Social Geography
GEOG 250 GEOG 170 Introductory Cartography
GEOG 265 GEOG 160 Geography of British Columbia
GEOG 311   Hydrology I
GEOG 313   Geomorphology II
GEOG 351   Cartography II
GEOG 354   Introduction to Geographic Information Systems
GEOG 356   Cognitive Cartography
GEOG 412   Glacial Processes and Environments
GEOG 452   Advanced Issues in Geographic Information Systems
GEOG 470   The Geography of Western Canada

Education Courses (Educational Psychology Minor and Environmental Education Minor):

ARTE 320   Curriculum & Instruction in Art
EDUC 220   Introduction to Educational Psychology
EDUC 222   Educational Psychology Laboratory
EDUC 310   Principles of Teaching
EDUC 315   Pre-Practicum Experience
EDUC 316   Communication Skills in Teaching
EDUC 320   Instructional Psychology
EDUC 321   Orientation School Experience
EDUC 325   Assessment for Classroom Teaching
EDUC 326   Classroom Management and Discipline
EDUC 401   Introduction To Classroom Teaching (PDP)
EDUC 402   Studies In Educational Theory and Practice (PDP)
EDUC 404   Semester on Campus (PDP)
EDUC 418   Extended Practicum
EDUC 420   School Organization in its Social Context
EDUC 422   Learning Disabilities
EDUC 425   School Counselling for Classroom Teacher
EDUC 452   Environmental Education
EDUC 474   Designs for Learning - Social Studies
EDST 314   The Analysis of Education
EDST 426   History of Education
EPSE 313   Educational Application of Developmental Theories
EPSE 317   Development and Exceptionality in the Regular Classroom
EPSE 423   Learning, Measurement, and Teaching
LLED 310   Introduction to Elementary Reading and Language Arts Instruction
LLED 320   Curriculum & Instruction in Language Arts/Reading
MAED 320   Curriculum & Instruction in Mathematics
MUED 320   Curriculum & Instruction in Music
PETE 320   Curriculum & Instruction in PE
SCED 320   Curriculum & Instruction in Science
SSED 320   Curriculum & Instruction in Social Studies

English and History Courses:

ENGL 102 ENGL 114 Studies in Poetry
ENGL 199 ENGL 130 Academic Writing
HIST 102 HIST 114 Canada Since Confederation
  HIST 204 Europe In The High Middle Ages
  HIST 261 Women in Canada 1920 To Present

Mathematics Courses:

MATH 190   Principles of Mathematics for Teachers

Psychology Courses (Psychology Minor):

PSYC 100 PSYC 100 An Introduction to Psychology (I)
PSYC 102 PSYC 200 An Introduction to Psychology (II)
PSYC 201   Research Methods in Psychology
PSYC 221   Introduction to Cognitive Psychology
PSYC 241   Introduction to Abnormal Psychology
PSYC 250   Child Psychology
PSYC 302   Learning
PSYC 355   The Psychology of Adolescence and Youth
PSYC 385   Evolution and Social Behaviour