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Here's perhaps my quickest project ever made. It was the last week of school in Grade 12 and my main project was already completed so I decided to build something small and quick. My woodshop teacher always kept the shop open after school on Tuesdays for those of us who wanted to build larger, more complex projects than the 50-minute classes would enable. So, in that Tuesday's class I rough sawn all of the wood needed, planed to thickness and glued up the top panels so they would be cured for after school. At that point I cut the 3/4" oak plywood for the sides and bottom, formed the appropriate joinery and glued the main boxes up. Then all that was needed to do while that cured was fit the fascia, build the bases, build the drawers, and route the profile on the top and drawer fronts. Then off to the finishing room for it's first coat of "natural" oil. The next morning I came in to apply a second coat, and then I was able to take it home after school that same day. I still use these today, although I have ideas in my head for a new bedroom suite with a little more elegance and grace in it's design... I guess these will always be good for the second bedroom!