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After re-watching an episode of the New Yankee Workshop, I was inspired by Norm's woodworking expertise to design and build a croquet set for a gift. After researching some more on the Net, I decided to use hickory for the handles just like Norm used; however, instead of wrapping them in cord I used 1/8" suede string which I found to be very comfortable to grip. For the mallet heads, I found Guatemalan Rosewood to be dense enough for the job, and what a beautiful choice; although through my research I found that a lot of high-end mallets were not turned round but cut square I decided to also cut mine square. This way, after you make your shot you can stand the mallet upright and not get the suede grip wet from the grass. A complimentary hickory sight line was also added like in Norm's design, as was a wrapping of brass. To finish the set of 6 mallets, I also made the wickets and goal stakes. Let the games begin!

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