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Here's probably my oldest project that I still have around. I built this foosball table back in Grade 11. I decided to build this project out of oak primarily for it's inexpensive yet beautiful qualities, but also because it seems that everything I had back then was made from oak too. As for the design, I approached the owner of the Games Room store at the local mall for permission to measure and sketch the foosball table which they sell. He said no so I waited until just a regular, minimum-wage employee was working and she gladly let me! Being in highschool still, I also had access to the metalwork shop and had a good friend of mine, Jim, cut steel rods for me and drill the appropriate holes for the placement of the plastic players. The playing field comprises a white arborite surface glued to a 3/4" plywood substrate with the corners formed and raised out of concrete before placing more arborite down.


Unfortunately, a few years after this was built I had it stored in my parents' garage and engine oil accidentally had leaked under the one end that it was standing on and eroded the glue on that end. Thus a "quick-fix" was given and screws were driven into the corner joints. Needless to say, I wasn't too pleased to find this out!