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I have always wanted to build a chair and then it came: the issue of WOOD magazine at my doorstep. A traditional Mission-style rocking chair. A few changes were made to the original plans though, especially with the materials used. As I live on the west coast, quarter-sawn white oak is not readily available so I had to pick through the red oak at the local lumber yard to find the "whitest" boards available. The plans also called for false through-tenons using plugs whereas I decided to be true to the design and pull all of the tenons straight through the sides and armrest. The armrests were also notched into the back posts for a stronger result, rather than the simple butt joints and screws as recommended in the magazine. A half-hide of brown leather was then stretched, formed and sewn to create a very comfortable and durable seat. A couple of coats of MinWax "Early American" oil and a few coats of hand-rubbed polyurethane were applied to get the final look I wanted.