Macromedia Fireworks - Activity 1

Before you begin this tutorial you should have a quite good understanding of the 'Pen' tool's functions, as it will play a vital role in the end effect. Note: The examples shown, are not in actual size.

1. Start off by opening a new image, about 300x300 pixels.
Then grab the 'pen tool', and simply start making an object, preferably looking like a letter of some sort, but not too complex. If you don't get the results you are looking, then you can drag the points of the object to the preferred location. Take a look at the example to the left, to get an idea of what I mean.
2. Select the object you have created, now that you have finished polishing it, and copy it (Ctrl+C). Go to effects (Alt+F7), and add an outer glow, with preferably these settings:

3. Remember you copied the letter before? Now paste it (Ctrl+V). Give it a radial fill (Shift+F7). Press the 'Fill' button in the tools menu. Now you can see a black line with a dot at each end. When you hover your cursor over one of the ends it inverts the color of your cursor, that means it's drag able. You need to select the center "dot", and drag it the place of your object where you want the light to come from.
4. Now that colour isn't too fancy. We need to add some more colours to the letter. I chose some bright ones. Add colours simply by pressing on the gray field between the two colour fields. As demonstrated, put the light colours in the left end, and the darker colours in the right end. Drag the colours a little, to get the desired effect.

5. Now it's starting to look like something. Select the top letter, or the coloured one, and add a Basic> Soft line> at 2 pixels> in white/#FFFFFF. (Ctrl+Alt+F4). Almost done.
6. We need to add the bevel effect now, to make it look "plasticish". Macromedia were so kind to add 3 plugins from Eye-Candy 4000. Click on Bevel Boss, which is located in the effects tab, under "Eye Candy 4000 LE". I used these settings for mine:

Bevel Width: 10.17
Bevel Height Scale: 100
Smoothness: 41
Bevel Placement:
Inside Marquee
Darken Deep Areas: 47
Shade Interior: /Yes

Now for the lighting. It's your choice where you want the light to come from. Experiment a little with it to get the desired effect.

Now for the Bevel Profile. As said before, experiment with it.

When I finished all these steps I got, this funky letter!